Almond Leaf Brooch

This almond leaf brooch is the most recent piece of jewellery I have made. Commissioned as a gift for Joan, it is a brooch to remember her great friend Phyllis who passed away very suddenly and too early.

I was asked to design a leaf brooch and used silver sheet which I have beaten out to give the leaf it’s form. Whilst I was adding a wrapped ribbon of silver, I was struck by how it naturally took up the shape of the leaf which I decided was a poignant touch and decided to keep in the design. It gives the impression of both a physical and ethereal leaf bound together. The leaf is an almond leaf and it was chosen by the client because an almond tree is the symbol of Phyllis from Ancient Greek mythology.

The Greek myth about Phyllis can be read at the link below.



Here it is!!

So, here it is! My brand new website! It’s been long overdue but I am so pleased with how everything has come together. I have to thank the incredibly patient Anthony Pullen who has supported, guided and encouraged me along the way so that I could get to grips with the technicalities and continue to update and manage it myself.

My Online Shop will be following very soon so do please continue to ‘watch this space’ and get in touch if you would like to.

Ready to get making with my workshop buddy- Loli!