Breathe in the future, breathe out the past

Wow, I think that I may just be able to get this month’s blog in before the end of the month!

It’s been a bit of a roller coaster ride this month as right at the beginning, I received the news that I, and many of my colleagues, had been made redundant as our company had gone in to receivership. Now, whilst I often used to think that the 3 days a week that I spent at my part time job very much restricted the time that I had to give to my jewellery business, I really did love it. It was very creative environment and I met so many interesting and knowledgeable people- both customers and makers alike- who were really passionate about art and craft. The gallery setting in which I worked was so inspiring and fed in to my own creativity, enabling me to learn from other practitioners directly and from their work. To have been surrounded by high quality and innovative craft work was a real privilege. So it really was a blow to receive such news.

It has taken me several weeks to accept my fate and I have felt a wide range of very mixed emotions including sadness, loss, despondency, anger and bitterness but also, now that I have had time to digest the news, I can admit to feeling quite liberated, empowered and positive. I really am a believer that often in life, things happen for a reason. If I am honest, I had given thought before to the possibility of wanting to hand in my notice in order to focus full time on my business but I hadn’t felt confident, bold or strong enough to make that decision myself. So, here I am now with the perfect opportunity to give it a go and I really do have every intention of making this opportunity work for me.

Having been on furlough for several months prior to the redundancy, I had already started to actively work on catching up and I finally have had the time to tackle some of those tasks that had been constantly moved forward to the next ‘To Do’ list! Now I can make my business a full-time operation and, instead of feeling pulled by the need to do what I ‘ought to be’ doing and not what I wanted to do and constantly battling with guilt and frustration at not having the time to really focus, I will now will be able to devote the right proportions of time to working ‘on’ my business as well as ‘in’ my business.

So, here it is…my declaration of intent …I am now working full-time in my own small business as a professional Jeweller. I’ve said it now, so it has to be!

Finally, the fabulous Jay Blades of the BBC’s The Repair Shop posted a very apt thought for the day on Instagram on the day I was made redundant:

‘Trust that today’s challenges will be responsible for your future growth’.

Rather fitting don’t you think?
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