LOVE was in the air.

So, what’s new? Last month was a very busy month for me, that saw love flowing aplenty!

Silver Wedding Anniversary. The 1st of May found my husband and I celebrating 25 years of marriage! We are not entirely sure where those years have gone but we are sure that most people would say the same!

Chris and I decided that we would work together to make each other a piece of jewellery to mark the occasion and despite Chris feeling slightly nervous, as he has no jewellery experience, we headed up to my workshop to make a bangle and a ring.  It may have taken rather longer than normal but at the end of the day Chris admitted that he had really enjoyed learning about the processes of texturing, shaping and soldering silver (and a little bit of gold!) and that he had a new respect for how much effort goes into creating each piece of jewellery. I am now the proud owner of a gorgeous textured bangle with a small gold bar detail (already much admired) and Chris has a matching ring made up from the same strip of silver. New, meaningful and personal keepsakes for our next 25 years!

The finished ring and bangle. A perfect commemoration of our Silver Wedding Anniversary.

Wedding Rings. Following on from ‘our’ significant anniversary, I was then busy making a pair of silver wedding rings for a couple about to embark on their married life together. The designs were talked through and agreed. For the bride – a simple flat band featuring two gold hearts to compliment her silver and gold square cut diamond engagement ring.  Simple in design, the heavier weight flat band gives the ring a modern more informal look and the satin finish sets off the contrasting colour of the gold beautifully. Incidently, the brushed satin finish is one I am being asked to add more and more frequently as it becomes increasingly popular.

Brushed satin finish Silver Wedding Band featuring 9ct gold hearts.


The groom’s ring is a plain version and had to be completely made from scratch due to the proportions requested. Normally I buy lengths of preformed silver to make rings but as this ring was needed in a size Z,   I had to cast a rod of silver and do lots ( actually lots and lots!) of filing to recreate the profile of the bride’s ring – flat on the outer surface but rounded on the inside for comfort. These were my first wedding ring commissions and I hope to be able to do more – Tammy and Chris, it was an honour to be involved in your wedding preparations and I wish you many years of love and luck together.

Melting down scrap silver for the size Z wedding band

After pouring the molten silver into the casting flask it is opened up…

to reveal the cast rod of silver which then has to be worked to make the ring.

The finished ‘His and Hers’ wedding bands.

And another! A further commission followed after I was approached by a couple who have been married for 5 years. The husband, a naval officer, had sadly lost his wedding ring whilst deployed on board ship. It took him some time to confess to his wife but after the initial upset, they decided to have a new one made rather than buying a ready made High Street store replacement . They felt that this would be a more apt replacement and would go some way to recapturing the sentiments encapsulated in the original ring.  Although the request was for a plain  band, I was very pleased to be able to make it for them and play a small part in their ongoing journey of married life.

Of course, the ‘other’ wedding of May was that of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle and I have to say I was very pleased to hear that Prince Harry broke with royal tradition and decided to wear a wedding ring. Described as a ‘textured platinum band’, we didn’t get to see it during the ceremony but Chris and I cast a glance and knowing smile at each other when it was mentioned. Chris’s ring may not be platinum but it is a modern textured band !!
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