She said “YES” !

I cannot say how excited I am to reveal the finished images of this special commission piece that I was working on during the summer but now, here it is…

I was approached by Paul to make a bespoke amethyst engagement ring ready for him to pop the question sometime later in the year. Paul told me that Rachael, who only wears silver jewellery, has spent time as a dive master working on oceanic conservation and is a lover of the natural world and nature all round and Paul wanted the ring to reflect not only her interests in the design but also felt it would be appropriate for the ring to be made from eco-friendly recycled silver. The brief also specified that due to Rachael’s active lifestyle, the ring should not have any components or details that could catch so the stone needed to be in an enclosed setting.

Using Paul’s initial design as a starting point, I carved the ring from wax, keeping him up to date with adaptations and changes as the design evolved. The final piece incorporates rolling waves and rounded leaves which curl around the deep purple amethyst – purple being Rachael’s favourite colour. I incorporated an asymmetric detail on the shoulders of the ring for added interest and carved the detail deep into a thick and bold shank to give it a contemporary and modern look.

I had the ring cast by a specialist casting company to assure a superior finish with all the detail being picked out. The highly polished finish compliments the richness of the amethyst’s colour and sparkle.

Presenting a commission piece to a client is always slightly nerve wracking. Even though I had sent Paul photographs all the way through the project to keep him fully involved in it’s development, I was delighted with his response to the finished ring. Paul wrote to tell me that it was ‘stunning – pretty but not too delicate’, that he was pleased it had evolved from his original design which he recognised would have been too fragile and finally, that my ‘vision of what was wanted was spot on’ .

With the proposal set to take place on the day that the couple were moving in to their new home, Paul and I have had to keep very quiet about the project. With Covid restrictions and the inevitable hold ups that arise with house purchases, ‘P’ Day took place, a little later than expected on none other than ‘Friday 13th’ November. Thankfully, Paul’s luck was in and Rachael said “YES”. She loves the ring especially as it captures all that is important to both herself and Paul.

Congratulations Paul and Rachel. I wish you much love and luck in your life together and thank you for the chance to play a small part in your story.
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