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Infinity Necklace and Earring Set- Silver, 9 Carat Gold and Turquoise

The design brief for this set was completely open to me which made it an especially exciting commission to end 2018. The only request was to use turquoise and to make a necklace and matching earrings for the client’s wife. Although exciting, it was also slightly nerve wracking as once the client had seen the design on paper, he didn’t want to see any further images until it was completely finished!

I have mentioned before in previous Studio Jewellery write ups, that pieces do evolve throughout the making process and as such it is not always possible to predict exactly how a piece will look on completion. Normally, during the making, I would share progress photographs and ask for approval or opinion if slight adaptations have to be made. Thankfully, I know the client and his wife quite well, and found that the trust that had been given to me, was complete.

The pendant comprises of a tear drop shaped Chinese Matrix Turquoise cabochon encased within a 9 Carat gold bezel setting. It is cradled in the lower loop of a silver ‘infinity’ twist which has a veined leaf imprint on one side. The twisted and overlapping infinity symbol gives plenty of opportunity for the pattern to be visible. The pendant has been attached to hang on the necklace between two pairs of double twists and a Diamond Cut Belcher chain fastened with a hand-made clasp finishes the piece. The earrings are smaller versions of the pendant but with round turquoise cabochons.

To some, the infinity twist can symbolise a modern interpretation of eternity and everlasting love. However, to others their connection to the infinity draws from its ancient understanding as the symbol of perfection, duality and empowerment- qualities and sentiments that I see in both the client’s and wife’s relationship and personalities.

Client Testimonial

Infinity Twist Necklace and Earring Set

"The detail that has gone into my jewellery demonstrates clearly Charlotte's talent and craftsmanship and the time and patience taken with creating this piece. I absolutely fell in love with this set. " Marie

" I commissioned Charlotte to create two very special pieces jewellery for my wife that were to be her main Christmas present. From the start, Charlotte was thorough in ensuring that she knew what I had in mind and offered her advice on design and style as well as taking time to carefully source the right stones. What can I say, but the expression on my wife's face was priceless! A true craftsman that we would recommend to anyone looking for a bespoke piece of jewellery. Many thanks." Matt

Marie and Matt

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