18th Birthday Family Heirloom

Update 2020

The citrine in this ring was held in the original basket setting from the antique bracelet for a number of years but with several years of wear, it was beginning to show signs that it was no longer strong enough to be reliable. Rather than risk losing the citrine, Grace decided that she would like to have a new setting made that would protect the stone more allowing it to be worn on a daily basis. Despite the stone being quite large and deep it has now been set in to a bold bezel setting with a soft brushed finish to contrast against the shine of the cut stone.

Heirloom Ring 2014

I made this ring for my eldest daughter’s 18th birthday.

The beautifully cut citrine came from a broken antique bracelet that had belonged to Grace’s great, great grandmother and fortunately, I was able to incorporate the original basket setting into the design. The feature gold balls were melted down from pieces left after remodelling my mum and dad’s wedding rings.

Could there be a better way to celebrate the next generation’s landmark birthdays than to create a new heirloom piece?