Alpaca Cufflinks

I really enjoy working on commission jewellery because I get the opportunity to create pieces in all manner of styles that evolve from an incredible array of inspiration and these 40th birthday cufflinks were no exception!

Matt’s wife commissioned me to make a pair of cufflinks to celebrate his landmark birthday but also wanted to acknowledge the passion he has for his new business venture ‘Alpaca Antics’.  Naturally, I had to go and visit the smallholding to meet all the animals in order to surreptitiously take reference photos. Whilst visiting I established Matt’s favourites from his herd – April and June and it was these two alpacas that became my models.

Using recycled silver which I rolled to a chunky thickness, I cut out their silhouettes, piercing out the finer details of their faces to create their silver portraits. One thing that I did notice when I met the herd was how different all the alpacas are – some have very small short face whilst some have much longer features. Their fleeces vary too and as a result the cufflinks have contrasting textures to represent their unique fleece. I wanted the cufflinks to be different and so April has been caught with her ears back whilst June is alert and poised.

Matt was delighted and, with a personal engraved message to make them even more unique, knows that absolutely no one will have a pair the same. He intends to wear them when he is showing his girls at local agricultural and country fairs.

Commissions can be made to suit all tastes and budgets so if you have ever thought about a unique piece of jewellery, feel free to get in touch as I’d be very excited to hear your ideas – however quirky!

Image of Silver Alpaca Cufflinks