Friendship Circles

Having made a ‘Triangle Trio’ set of friendship necklaces, I was approached to make something similar for another trio of friends.

With simple geometric shapes being very much on trend, the client and I agreed to base the design around a simple circle or ring to represent the friendship group. Looped on to each ring are three smaller rings, two made in silver and one in gold and, as with the different format of each of the Triangular pendants, the gold ring was positioned in a different format for each necklace. Wanting to make sure that they remained in the differing positions, I attached a smaller hanging loop to the back of each pendant to stop them moving around.


Apparently, the young women who now wear the pendants are often complimented on them individually but when they are out together delight in informing people that no, they are not the same- just like the three friends they are each quite unique!!

Use this link to read more about the Triangle Trio