Granny’s Diamond Ring

When people come to me to request that I remodel a piece of jewellery for them, they often say that they have been ‘thinking about it for a while’ but even more often they admit that the thinking time has been ‘ages’!

This commission was no different but the little girl who had long treasured her Great Granny’s diamond ring had grown up to be sixteen and, whilst wanting to wear it, wanted something more ‘her style’.

So it was then that I met with Aggie’s mum who had decided to get the ring remodelled as a surprise for her daughter. Together we decided that it would be lovely if we could keep the top section of the ring intact in order to maintain some of it’s originality and an essence of the existing design.

Aggie had previously admired solitaire diamonds in ‘doughnut’ style settings and in opting for this contemporary look, I was able to cut off the head of the ring and set it straight in to this very contemporary style setting. Coupled with a plain band and finished with a very high shine as requested, it was just how Aggie’s mum had imagined and Aggie herself loves it too.

Perhaps, you have been thinking about having a piece remodelled? I am always very happy to talk to people about the process, possible options and costings with no obligation so don’t wait any longer, I would love to hear from you!

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Image of Diamond Ring
Image of old Ring
Image of the ring being made
Image of Ring before polishing