Labradorite Tear Drop Ring

This ring evolved in design and making over a period of months. Fortunately it was to be a gift for a very dear friend who more than understood my ‘need’ for it to be just right and was happy to wait!

Previous incarnations had featured an uncut and irregular shaped opal which shattered during the final stage of assembly and an oval cabochon moonstone which was to be set in a gold bezel until it fell down a gap in my workshop floorboards! It just highlights how sometimes the best made plans have to be flexible as well as the need for vinyl flooring -happily now installed!

Seriously though, the brief was to make an organic, asymmetric ring with an iridescent stone. I have twisted and fused recycled silver to make the shank and  after the disasters with opals (which are actually believed to be unlucky by many people) I found the perfectly beautiful labradorite tear shaped stone which positively glows in so many different hues in changing light. Leigh deserved the best and I am happy to say she assured me it was worth waiting for.