Remodelled Sapphire Ring

Earlier in the year I was asked if I could remodel a very plain set baguette cut sapphire engagement ring. The ring had belonged to  the client’s mother and therefore held significant sentimental value.  Unfortunately the setting was not to Kim’s liking and it was sadly not being worn. After some research and discussion a design was agreed that would meet both the practical needs of the wearer and her taste in more modern contemporary styling.

Set cross ways and completely enclosed in a silver bezel setting, the ring now looks bold and dramatic. The darkness and depth of  blue in the sapphire is picked up in occasional flashes as the wearer moves her hand and contrasts dramatically against the brushed satin finish of the silver.

Making the ring was not without it’s challenges, it is not at all easy to set square or rectangular stones and the width of the stone across the band meant that the setting had to be shaped and filed to fit the curvature of the ring shank precisely but the end result has been well worth it.  Most importantly, Kim was delighted and intends to wear it for the first time at her son’s wedding in Canada.