Russian Wedding Rings

Reading through other Studio Jewellery write ups, I realise how many of my pieces of jewellery have strong or unusual stories attached to them – this one is no exception.

I was asked if I could make a set of Russian wedding rings (also known as Triple rolling rings) to replace a set that had been lost.

The original ring was a present for the the Andrea’s daughter’s 21st birthday. Sometime later Eve and her boyfriend were on holiday in Sri Lanka when there was a terrorist attack. Literally in the midst of the bombing in Columbo they very wisely decided to get out of the city as quickly as possible. In the haste to escape the danger and subsequent confusion, the ring was left on her bedside table and lost. Thankfully both of them managed to get back home safely but she was very sad and really upset about losing the ring as she loved it.

Andrea had asked me to make the replacement for her Eve’s Christmas present giving me a great description and size. When it was finished, Andrea thought it was amazing and sent me a message a few weeks later to say,

“Couldn’t wait until Xmas. Look it fits and Eve loves it more than the old one! Thank you. X”