Shepherdesses and Friends Necklaces

This commission is a really lovely story of long standing friendship and careers that have followed the same paths.

Emma first called me after her Google search found me and she had taken some time to browse through my commission examples, telling me that she felt a strong connection to my style and that I was the jeweller she wanted to talk to about her own ideas for a commission.  Celebrating their 50th birthdays this year Emma, Liz and Amanda met at agricultural college and have remained close friends for the last 32 years. Working as shepherdesses in Norfolk, Cumbria and Yorkshire, they try to meet once a month to catch up over a coffee and are always available to help each other out when needed. Shepherding is hard and generally muddy work and so the three friends do enjoy the opportunity to get dressed up in their tweeds when they go to agricultural shows and market.

Emma felt it would be lovely to have a piece of jewellery that would link the three friends and so the brief was to create a design to acknowledge their bond, be representational of their links but above all be feminine. We talked about either making brooches or necklaces and so my designs showed adaptations to suit both.

The chosen design features a circle to symbolise unity and infinity and has a shepherd’s crook linking through it to create a hanging section which in turn extends down to become the stem of the Ivy leaf. As an evergreen, Ivy has long been associated to represent the attachment of friendship and in each necklace, the texture of leaf veining has been added to enhance their delicacy.

So Emma is now waiting to get together with Liz and Amanda to give them their necklaces but with Covid restrictions beginning to lift, it shouldn’t be too long now. I know that Emma herself is delighted and has said that ‘the necklaces are as wonderful as I had hoped’ and that I ‘surpassed the interpretation of what was suggested’. A promise of a photograph of the three friends wearing the necklaces has been promised and I really look forward to seeing it.

Image of Three Necklaces
Image of Necklaces laying on the sketchbook
Image of Necklace Trio