Silver and Glass Disc Bracelet

This bracelet is the result of a collaborative project between myself and Mim Brigham of Made By Mim Glass. It features 5 glass segments that have been encapsulated in bold silver casings with a soft sheen finish. Joined together with handmade rings and chain, the selected design is modern and simple but both Mim and I felt that it set off the delicate detail within the glasswork perfectly. We hope that we will be able to develop a range of jewellery including earrings, pendants, bangles and charm bracelets.

Working with another artist was a very rewarding experience for me and to work with Mim was especially so as I really admire her work. Perhaps it is because we both come from Cornwall or maybe it is down to our shared love of the coast, plants or early 20th Century artistic movements – who knows, but I do hope that we will be able to continue our collaboration in the next year.

A little more about Made By Mim Glass:

Based in Cornwall, Mim is a glass artist who specialises in hot and warm glass. Her work fuses together her passion of science and art and her use of different glass techniques. Her ‘Microscopic’ Collection, has won her multiple awards including a Silver Medal at the 2018 China Glass Exhibition, and the Devon Guild of Craftsmen Design Award. Her work has been published in the Design and Craft magazine, Cornwall Today and the Contemporary Glass Society Magazine.

Discovered whilst studying Biology many years ago, Mim was struck by the image of a single cell from a blade of Marram Grass. Stained and viewed through a microscope, she recognised its beauty then, and it remained in the back of her mind until she developed her current body of work.