Triangle Trio Pendants

Triangle Trio Pendants- Silver and 9 carat Gold

These pendants were designed and made in recognition of friendship. Friendship jewellery comes almost exclusively in sets of two but what about all the trios out there?

I created the set as an absolute ‘one off’ because the group in question are very close to me and I wanted them to know that their unconditional support for one another in difficult times had been recognised and appreciated beyond words.

I chose a triangle not only because there are three friends but because triangles are exceptionally strong. Pressure put upon any part is evenly spread across each side proving it’s strength and stability of not only the individual but overall.

When individual triangles are joined together they become even stronger- something which I have witnessed first hand in the friendship on numerous occasions.

Each pendant, just like each of the young women, is individual. The single gold edge is placed on different sides to recognise just that. However, in addition, when they are brought together they make up an even more precious ‘whole’.

The Pendant Trio have been given with much gratitude and love. ‘Friendship Trio’ you know who you are and I hope you enjoy wearing them together and apart.