Contemporary Set Sapphire Ring

A few years ago I inherited my mum’s sapphire ring which was set in a claw clasp.  Unlike my mum, I am clumsy and hard on jewellery and in no time I had managed to damage the ring and the sapphire fell out of its setting.

I chose Charlotte Biba Bouchard Jewellery to help me come up with a new setting to fit my needs as I knew she understood the importance of my cherished item and I valued her creativity and expertise.

The setting needed to be sturdy enough to withstand my clumsiness yet contemporary and unique to my personality. This was a tall order as the sapphire was an unusual shape for the setting I really wanted.

Although I am across the country we were able to collaborate and swap ideas and drawings, to come up with a final design.  I then shipped my damaged ring safely to her studio.  Throughout the process of creating my new ring Charlotte continued to involve me the progress and we worked on the detailed decisions until it was completed.

I adore the finished ring, it is eye catching and sturdy, with a contemporary design. When I received the ring I was thrilled with the finished product and I haven’t taken it off since!