The Countdown Is On

I’m getting quite excited now as I am almost ready to launch the Shop pages of my website – I hadn’t really anticipated quite how much there would be to do getting everything ready! I have spent what seems like an eternity writing policies, researching postage costs, measuring, weighing and photographing my jewellery, editing and uploading images, writing and redrafting descriptions but, I think I will be ready to press the ‘live’ button by the end of next week – fingers crossed! In the meantime, my jewellery is still on sale in the Gallery Shop at Cockington, Devon or send me a message if you are looking for anything in particular as I now have a new improved photographic archive of all my stock AND I know where it all is!! Just another advantage to all the hard work and organisation!!

PS. Since launching my main site, I have had quite a few people asking about the image I used for my header page.So, to satisfy your curiosity-  it is a photograph of a seed head from a plant called Yellow Goatsbeard  (Tragopogon pratensis). I found it whilst out walking the dog. The heads are like giant dandelion clocks but this one had mostly been blown away and had dried out so I brought it home intending to use it as inspiration for some jewellery designs. As I was popping it in a vase, I realised that it would actually make a great image.  I had lots of fun(!?)  trying to get a good image and eventually photographed it against the patio windows with my garden behind which I was at last really pleased with. Perhaps I will still get a jewellery design out of it sometime too!

Here’s another photo of it in full.