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With the country and the world in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic and information and advice changing rapidly I have redrafted and rewritten this month’s blog several times already. As a small business I am obviously concerned about how I and many others will survive the economic backlash as the virus takes hold and spreads. With reduced selling opportunities due to long planned for events being cancelled and postponed, we know that online selling will now more important than ever. Previously, I did not have  an online selling platform as I didn’t feel it was  the right time or outlet for my work. I was, however, in the throes of putting one together as a response to the way events were developing but we have now gone in to a 3-week lockdown and sending out orders will no longer be possible.

As a part time jeweller alongside having a job working in a gallery (a role which has also now been suspended). I do not have a high output of work but my jewellery pieces are almost exclusively ‘one offs’. I take great pride in the pieces that I create and the importance that I place on design, development, production and finish are what make my pieces of jewellery exclusively mine. Customers mainly buy from me directly at events and when they do buy my jewellery, they frequently return to buy again knowing that they will find something different and new each time but also knowing that it will have my branded style. I really feel that getting to know my customers at events plays a really big part in the development of my brand and it is something that I really enjoy helping to make my job so special.

So, can this be continued if I am not attending events for the next 6 months? Obviously, everyone’s health is of the utmost importance and in order to survive this pandemic, we must follow the instructions and guidance to stay at home and socially distance ourselves but there are still ways to get to know new people and to keep in touch.

I have already been hugely encouraged and touched by the growth of support and community amongst the Art and Craft scene across the range of social media channels. I have very recently made my first sales from posting on Instagram and have received wonderful comments about posts either directly on my page or via Direct Messages (DMs). Please continue to support individual artists and businesses by following us on our social media channels where we are all remaining very active! Do ‘share’ or comment on any posts or stories of particular interest and tell your friends about us – recommendations are the very best type of compliment. It might be that now is the time a friend or colleague is looking to commission a piece of unique jewellery themself. Perhaps now is, in fact, the perfect time for starting the conversations and design process with a maker to create that very special and beautiful piece? Consider using a Direct Message to make contact if there is anything that you are interested to know more about- it’s not an obligation to buy and I personally love to hear from people and getting to know them better really helps me to understand what my customers like and keeps me connected.

In the coming weeks and months, I will be posting new photos of recent and emerging work on Instagram and Facebook and also continuing to post monthly blogs and up to date information about events on my web pages. If you want to buy something, I may not be able to post it out to you straight away but I can certainly hold it for you and it could be something lovely to look forward to in the coming months.

I really do hope I will get to see you at an event before too long or in the meantime to hear from you soon.

Please keep well and safe


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